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How to get around Gdańsk – what means of transport should you choose?

Tram, bus, train, or maybe a ferry? Gdańsk is one of the few cities that offer so many different means of transport. See what means of transport in Gdańsk to choose to reach your destination quickly and conveniently.

SKM Fast City Railway – the fastest journey through the entire city

The Fast City Railway is probably the fastest method of traversing the entire length of Gdańsk, and thanks to the transfer to the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway (PKM) – also across the width. SKM is a very convenient and inexpensive way to get around the city. It allows you to effectively bypass the congested streets of Gdańsk, which is especially important in the summer, when crowds of motorized tourists come to the city. The train journey time between Gdańsk and Gdynia is only half an hour, and the journey from the airport to the center of Gdańsk takes about 40 minutes. SKM is definitely the fastest way when you want to get from one end of the city to the other or get from the outskirts to the center.
When choosing SKM, remember to validate your ticket before entering the platform, because there are no validators on trains. One ticket purchased at the ticket office allows you to use both SKM and PKM. You can buy tickets at special sales points (e.g. at ticket offices at bus stops and at the Main Railway Station), as well as online.

Public transport Gdańsk – Tricity at your fingertips

A comfortable and fast way to get around not only Gdańsk, but also the Tricity is public transport. The Gdańsk Public Transport Authority provides 12 tram lines and 70 bus lines (including several night lines), which will allow you to conveniently travel to almost any place within the city, as well as to Sopot. Vehicles run frequently and around the clock, which will allow you to get around the city at any time.
You can buy single-use tickets from vending machines at stops, as well as from kiosks or from tram drivers (one-hour tickets only). Ticket machines are available 24 hours a day and you can pay by card (also contactless) or cash. When you choose the second method, the machine will give you your change. You validate your tickets inside the vehicle.

Scooter Gdańsk – you will get wherever you want

Scooters have become a permanent fixture on the streets of Gdańsk. They have become an everyday element of the landscape of each district of the city. They make commuting to work or meeting friends easier. They are a convenient way to travel short distances. Currently, there are several companies operating this means of transport in Tricity. This means that electric scooters are almost everywhere in Gdańsk, which allows you to move efficiently almost all over the city. The scooters are used by residents, but also by tourists coming to the Tricity.
Scooters in Gdańsk are an attractively priced alternative to other means of transport. When you decide to use a scooter, you pay for the travel time (a few dozen cents per minute), which makes it a particularly recommended solution for short distances. Using scooters also relieves traffic on the roads and reduces crowding in trains, trams and buses.

Water tram – attractive and fast travel

A fast and at the same time attractive means of transport is the water tram. Gdańsk-Westerplatte and Gdańsk-Sopot are just some of the routes you can travel using this unique means of transport. Water lines connect not only Gdańsk and Sopot, but also Gdynia, Sobieszewo and even Hel. Water travel is not only a way to quickly get to your destination, but above all it is an extraordinary journey. Viewing the city from this unusual perspective is a unique experience that allows you to admire the surroundings and take many picturesque photos.

Westerplatte ferry, i.e. sea travel by ship

An alternative to traveling by water tram is a boat trip, e.g. if you want to go on a cruise to Westerplatte. “Galeon Lew” is a ship that will take you to this historic place, important from the perspective of Polish history. The ship moors in Gdańsk at Długie Pobrzeże Street, next to the Green Bridge on the Motława River, near the Old Town. The route leads through the Gdańsk Shipyard, Remontowa Shipyard, docks, port and Wisłoujście Fortress, up to Westerplatte. Transport takes place from April to October.
The ship is stylized as a 17th-century galleon flying the Polish flag, making traveling by ship not only another way to get to the destination, but also an interesting attraction. There are many surprises waiting for you on board, such as shanty music, a well-stocked bar and others, according to your wishes. During the cruise, you will take photos or record a video, which will surely be a great souvenir.

Traveling by car in Gdańsk

Traveling around a seaside metropolis by car is not the easiest task. Like every large city, Gdańsk also struggles with traffic jams. Driving around the city center or driving along the busiest streets takes a lot of time and can be very tiring. Especially during summer or rush hours, the S7 expressway, the A1 motorway leading from the south, and the city’s main arteries are bursting at the seams.
Congested streets are not the only problem that awaits you when you decide to travel by car. Sometimes parking the car is a real challenge. Remember that periodically large parts of cities are closed to traffic (e.g. during the Dominican Fair), which significantly reduces parking spaces.

Driving a taxi or Uber

If you do not have your own means of transport, you can use the offer of paid carriers. There are many taxi companies in Gdańsk. You can choose between international networks or local carriers, which are usually slightly cheaper. Uber transport also operates dynamically in the Tricity area. You can use this most popular application, but also several other similar brands.

Car rental

An alternative to using paid carriers is to rent a car. This is a good solution when you want to be fully mobile throughout the day or longer. A rented car will allow you to move comfortably within the Tricity agglomeration and even further. In Gdańsk, you will benefit from both the offer of vehicle rental companies and the popular car rental “for minutes” or for 24 hours.
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