Lunch in Gdańsk

Lunch in Gdańsk

Lunch in Gdańsk

Polish culinary delight in Gdańsk Located in the heart of Gdańsk, the Goldwasser restaurant offers a unique journey through Polish cuisine with a modern twist.

The atmosphere in the best restaurant in Gdańsk

As soon as you enter the Goldwasser Restaurant in Gdańsk, you are greeted by an elegant atmosphere. The decor reflects a seamless blend of classic and contemporary elements, creating an environment that is both stylish and comfortable. Large windows offer a panoramic view of the bustling streets of Gdańsk and the center of Gdańsk

Lunch menu, culinary experience

Goldwasser's restaurant menu in Gdańsk is a testament to the richness of Polish culinary traditions, expertly renovated to meet modern tastes. Dishes are prepared from fresh, local ingredients, and each plate presents a harmony of flavors that will surely delight your palate.

In the last editions you could taste it.

a rich blend of wild mushrooms and truffle essence, these dumplings were both hearty and luxurious. The accompanying caramelized onions and sour cream provided the perfect balance of flavors, making each bite a revelation.

Waiter service

The service at Goldwasser is exemplary, with attentive and knowledgeable staff eager to enhance your dining experience. The recommendations are always accurate and the stories about the dishes are always spot on.

Overall impressions

Lunch at Goldwasser is an experience beyond just a meal; is a culinary journey through the heart of Polish cuisine, presented in a modern version and impeccable style. The combination of exquisite cuisine, elegant atmosphere and top-class service rightly guarantees Goldwasser the title of the best restaurant in Gdańsk. If you find yourself in this historic city, a visit to Goldwasser is a must for any food lover who wants to taste the best of Polish gastronomy.

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