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Not all couples dream of a grand party with a large group. More and more often, engaged couples decide to organize a small wedding, but with a more unique character. They expect luxury and splendor. Organizing an intimate reception in Gdańsk requires choosing the right wedding hall. In our article we reveal which of them is the most beautiful.

Small wedding in Gdańsk – where to organize it?

Planning and organizing a wedding is always a challenge. Most couples who decide to have a small wedding in Gdańsk have specific expectations. They are looking for an intimate place that will meet their needs related to elegant interior design, delicious menu and convenient location for all guests. Too large a distance between the room and the center could be problematic. The short distance makes access much easier.

Undoubtedly, the historic Goldwasser Tenement House, located in the heart of the Old Town, and the restaurant of the same name located inside it, is a very attractive location. The restaurant, located right on the bank of the Motława River, impresses not only with its unique location, but also with its atmospheric interior design.

An intimate wedding in Gdańsk at the Goldwasser restaurant

The Goldwasser restaurant is one of the most beautiful and elegant establishments in the entire Tricity. Due to the original design of the rooms available there, it is perfect for an intimate wedding in Gdańsk. It is a place whose interiors refer to the appearance of the apartments of former townspeople and merchants. There are stylish paintings hanging on the walls, and right outside the window there is a view of the city skyline.

The restaurant has four rooms. They are located on different levels, which provides all guests with the necessary privacy. In addition to a large restaurant garden, the restaurant also offers a banquet hall and a spacious glazed terrace, which is also a very attractive view point.

Atmospheric wedding hall in Gdańsk

The most representative room in the Goldwasser restaurant is the banquet hall. It can accommodate up to 25 guests. Importantly, its decor is captivating. The walls are decorated with paintings by Gustav Klimt, which is a treat for art lovers. Thanks to the atmospheric lighting and wooden floor, the interior gives the impression of a very cozy and pleasant interior. Elegant table settings complete the arrangement.

The unique atmosphere makes this wedding hall stand out not only in Gdańsk, but also in the northern part of Poland. It is an ideal place for fun and a wedding dinner in an intimate group of family and friends.

A wedding hall with a view of Gdańsk

The restaurant terrace will provide beautiful views. The hall located there is a unique place for a wedding. From this perspective, Gdańsk captivates with the beauty of its Old Town architecture. Guests will undoubtedly be amazed by the sight of ships passing nearby, and even of the Motława itself – a river whose urban section can be admired directly from the terrace windows.

In the summer, the room’s windows remain open and plenty of sunlight enters the interior. Thanks to the glass ceiling, the interior of the terrace remains bright even on a less sunny day. It is a charming place for a small wedding for up to 30 people.

Wedding dinner – world-class menu

In such charming interiors of a restaurant distinguished by its unique style and class, every meal is a real feast for the palate. The wedding dinner served at the Goldwasser restaurant will certainly remain in the memory of the invited guests for a long time. The local chef is inspired by regional Kashubian cuisine. The restaurant’s specialties also include international dishes.

The delicacies offered include exclusive steaks sprinkled with edible gold particles. Exquisite cuisine based on fresh regional products and a touch of culinary passion and finesse make the wedding menu one of a kind.

Goldwasser – the king of liqueurs

After a delicious meal, it’s time for something stronger. Wedding toasts made in a Gdańsk restaurant have a special meaning. Just like dinner, the drinks offered here are distinguished by their luxurious character. Goldwasser liqueur is an alcohol with yellow gold particles based on a proprietary recipe. In addition to the famous “Gdańsk water”, as Goldwasser was once called, the restaurant also recommends Kurfursten Liqueur and Machandel – a juniper drink with a long tradition.

At the request of the bride and groom, gifts for wedding guests can be prepared in the form of small bottles of alcohol served here. It will be a very nice and certainly attractive souvenir from the party.

Stylish apartments

In addition to an elegant restaurant, the Goldwasser Tenement House also houses very tasteful apartments. Each of the seven stylishly furnished rooms impresses with its elegant design and captivating style. Just like from the restaurant terrace, the bedroom windows also offer a breathtaking view of the night skyline of the city.

The apartments are distinguished by a cozy and at the same time very stylish arrangement. It should take into account the age of the building and its historical atmosphere. Wedding guests or the bride and groom can relax in a selected room after the wedding. There is an apartment dedicated to young people, equipped with a large bed with a canopy. Its atmosphere perfectly reflects the romantic nature of the wedding night.

Professional service and unique atmosphere

Professional service is also a condition for a successful party. The team of waiters working at Goldwasser fulfills their duties perfectly. The experience gained during everyday work makes them very familiar with the details of the wedding menu and room layout. They are also distinguished by high personal culture and perfect knowledge of the rules of restaurant savoir-vivre.

An intimate wedding in the charming interior of a restaurant is the dream of many couples. We recommend the rooms located in the Goldwasser Tenement House. Thanks to their unique decor, the atmospheric interior of the restaurant will host a small party that will make a great impression on everyone.

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