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Uncategorized Goldwasser Restaurant in Gdańsk: A unique culinary and cultural experience

Goldwasser Restaurant in Gdańsk: A unique culinary and cultural experience

The Gdańsk Goldwasser restaurant is a place that combines unique culinary experiences with the rich history and culture of Gdańsk. This restaurant offers its guests not only exquisite dishes, but also unforgettable moments spent in an intimate atmosphere, surrounded by charm and tradition. At Goldwasser, everyone will find something for themselves, both lovers of Polish cuisine and people looking for new flavors and experiences.

The history of the Goldwasser restaurant

The Goldwasser restaurant, also known as the “goldwasser restaurant”, has a rich history
dating back to the 17th century. Founded by the Dutch merchant Ambrose Vermollen, it gained popularity
famous for the production of Old Gdańsk Goldwasser liqueur. It has evolved over the years, becoming
a unique restaurant that combines tradition with modernity to offer its guests
unforgettable culinary experiences.

Goldwasser Restaurant: A tenement house full of history

The Goldwasser restaurant is located in the historic Goldwasser tenement house, which is one of the most recognizable buildings in the Old Town of Gdańsk. This tenement house, also called “Goldwasser tenement house restaurants” or “goldwasser tenement house”, was built in the 15th century and has witnessed numerous historical events over the centuries. Its unique features, such as facade decorations and richly decorated interiors, make the goldwasser tenement house an extraordinary background for the culinary and cultural experiences offered by the restaurant.

Goldwasser: from an Old Gdańsk liqueur to a unique restaurant

The history of the Goldwasser brand dates back to 1598, when Ambroży Vermollen founded a factory in Gdańsk producing the Old Gdańsk Goldwasser liqueur. This liqueur, containing particles of 23-carat gold, quickly gained popularity and became a symbol of Gdańsk tradition. In the following centuries, the Goldwasser brand expanded its operations, opening a unique restaurant in a historic tenement house. Today, the Goldwasser restaurant continues the tradition, serving both classic Polish dishes and modern dishes inspired by cuisines from all over the world.

Culinary experiences at the Goldwasser restaurant

Goldwasser Gdańsk Restaurant is a place where guests can discover unique flavors and aromas that combine tradition with modernity. The menu of this unique Gdańsk restaurant includes both classic Polish dishes and innovative dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world.

The cuisine of the Goldwasser restaurant: a combination of tradition and modernity

The cuisine of the Goldwasser restaurant is based on the philosophy of combining traditional and modern culinary techniques. Chefs passionately experiment with various ingredients, creating unique flavor compositions. The restaurant’s offer also includes traditional liqueurs, such as the famous Old Gdańsk Goldwasser, which goes perfectly with exquisite dishes.

Unique dishes of the Goldwasser restaurant

Among the dishes of the Goldwasser restaurant, it is worth paying attention to several unique items. An example is beef tenderloin tartare with caviar, which combines tradition with modernity. Another interesting dish is duck in plum sauce, served with Silesian dumplings and red cabbage. The delicious dishes at the Goldwasser restaurant make every meal an unforgettable experience. Golden steaks in Gdańsk: the specialty of the Goldwasser restaurant. Among the dishes served at the Goldwasser restaurant, the golden steaks deserve special attention.
steaks Gdańsk. These steaks, prepared from the highest quality meat, are not only perfectly seasoned and baked, but also covered with a thin layer of edible gold. Thanks to this, we offer restaurants not only a unique taste, but also a unique appearance of the dish. Traditional Polish cuisine in a modern version. Goldwasser Restaurant successfully reinterprets traditional Polish cuisine in a modern style. An example is dumplings with meat, served with cream sauce and caramelized onion. Another interesting dish is potato pancakes with smoked salmon and dill sauce. Thanks to such combinations, Polish cuisine dishes gain a new, non-obvious face that will certainly delight both lovers of traditional flavors and those looking for new culinary experiences.

Goldwasser: not just a restaurant

Goldwasser in Gdańsk is not only a unique restaurant, but also a place where you can taste and buy other products related to the brand. These include the famous Goldwasser vodka and gift sets, which are the perfect gift from Gdańsk. Goldwasser gold vodka: an Old Gdańsk liqueur with global fame Goldwasser vodka, also known as your Goldwasser vodka or Goldwasser gold vodka, is an Old Gdańsk liqueur with an extraordinary taste and appearance. It is distinguished by the content of 22-carat gold particles, which give it a unique, golden glow. Goldwasser vodka from Gdańsk is very popular all over the world, and its history dates back to the 16th century. The production process of this golden liqueur is based on carefully selected herbs and roots that give it a unique taste and aroma.

Goldwasser gift set: the perfect gift from Gdańsk

The Goldwasser gift set is a perfect way to give your loved ones an unforgettable gift from Gdańsk. The set includes a bottle of Goldwasser vodka, elegantly packed in a decorative box. Additionally, the set may include other products related to the Goldwasser brand, such as tasting glasses or beautiful glass carafes. Such a gift will surely delight both lovers of good vodka and those who appreciate unusual souvenirs from their travels.

Goldwasser Restaurant: a place full of charm

A good restaurant in Gdańsk is one that combines unique flavors, an unforgettable atmosphere and an excellent location. These are the features of the Goldwasser Restaurant, which attracts both residents and tourists visiting Gdańsk with its charm. Its decor and location make everyone feel special here.

Goldwasser Restaurant: the heart of Gdańsk

Goldwasser, the heart of Gdańsk, is not only excellent food, but also a place that influences the cultural and social life of the city. The Goldwasser restaurant is located in the very heart of Gdańsk, right next to the Motława River, which makes it perfectly visible and easily accessible to tourists and residents. Therefore, Goldwasser becomes an important meeting point where you can eat delicious dishes, drink golden Goldwasser vodka, and participate in cultural events organized by the restaurant.

Unique Goldwasser: a good restaurant in Gdańsk with soul

The unique Goldwasser is a place that stands out from other restaurants in Gdańsk. First of all, Goldwasser is a tenement house full of history that impresses with its unique decor. The interior of the restaurant is decorated with attention to every detail, which makes everyone feel like they were in the old days. Moreover, Goldwasser is a place where you can taste unique dishes that combine tradition with modernity. All this makes the Goldwasser Restaurant one of the best restaurants in Gdańsk, for sure
will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.


The Goldwasser restaurant in Gdańsk is a unique culinary and cultural experience that combines rich history, unique dishes and an unforgettable atmosphere. Located in the heart of the city, in a tenement house full of history, Goldwasser attracts both residents and tourists. The restaurant’s cuisine combines tradition with modernity, offering specialties such as golden steaks and traditional Polish dishes with a modern twist. Goldwasser is also a place where you can taste the famous Goldwasser golden vodka and find the perfect gift from Gdańsk in the form of a gift set. All this makes the Goldwasser Restaurant one of the most unique places on the culinary map of Gdańsk.

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