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News Beaches in Gdańsk – the most popular places worth seeing

Beaches in Gdańsk – the most popular places worth seeing

Gdańsk attracts tourists with dozens of attractions. As befits a city with such a long history, you can find plenty of monuments – both secular and sacred. In addition, it has many beautiful parks and other recreational areas where residents and visitors like to spend time. It is one of the most important centers of the country, so vacationers come there at any time of the year. However, there is no doubt that most people come to Gdańsk in the summer. The coast tempts with its beauty and numerous beaches. Where is it worth going during your holidays in this part of Tricity? Which beaches are the most popular among holidaymakers?

The beach in Jelitkowo – the pearl of the region

If you were to ask sunbathers which place they like the most, a significant percentage of them would place the beach in Jelitkowo, on the border of Gdańsk and Sopot, on the podium. The swimming pool is easy to find on the map, and even easier to reach from any point in the city. There are bus stops nearby and there is also a tram terminus. People who do not have their own car have no problems getting to the beach.
This is the favorite place of many Gdańsk residents. During the holiday season, many of them regularly relax on the promenade stretching at the main entrance to the beach. The beach in Jelitkowo itself attracts families with children and everyone who loves relaxation by the water. The youngest can have fun on the water slides or in the mini pools, while the older ones have sports and beach equipment at their disposal (there are rentals on site). There was also an outdoor gym.
If someone feels like cooling off or hungry, there is Jelitkowski Park nearby. There are a number of eateries and a restaurant nearby.

A charming beach in Stogi

Another option for tourists is Stogi beach. Like Jelitkowo, it has easy access, and its advantage over the competition is provided by a very modern infrastructure. It is a facility protected by 24-hour monitoring and security. Beachgoers have access to showers and toilets (well-equipped and renovated), as well as free Wi-Fi. No wonder that, apart from families with children or seniors, it is also visited by young people in large numbers.
In Stogi you can not only relax on a towel or a deckchair. There is a volleyball and football pitch here, and children have a playground for themselves. Of course, there are food and drink stations nearby, so you can order, for example, fried fish or juice. Drinking water vending machines were also provided – they were located in the swimming area.
The beach is located southeast of the old part of Gdańsk. You can get there by tram.

Picturesque beach in Brzeźno

Another place worth the attention of sunbathers is the Brzeźno swimming area. It is extremely, if not the most, popular of all Gdańsk beaches. There are a number of factors behind this great popularity, the most important of which is the pier. It is approximately 140 meters long, so it extends far into the bay. Which is completely understandable, right next to such an important tourist attraction there are numerous restaurants and booths. Additionally, there are toilets, changing rooms and a medical point nearby.
Like other areas, Brzeźno beach has zones for games and fun. You can play volleyball and handball on it. There are playgrounds for children and water slides. Reaching the beach is not difficult for anyone – it is reached by, among others, tramway.

Sobieszewo beach for lovers of relaxation

The next point on the list of popular beaches is in Sobieszewo. This is a beautiful part of the coast, liked by everyone, especially nature lovers. Those who cannot imagine a stay at the seaside without noisy attractions (e.g. jet skis) should consider another place. Sobieszewo Beach is a perfect place for those who love peace and quiet. Of course, its popularity among tourists means it is full of people, but it certainly does not have the hustle and bustle found on other popular beaches.
Lovers of activity can have fun on the playing field, and fans of blissful relaxation by the water can rent beach equipment. There is also a place for a playground for children.
It is worth emphasizing that Sobieszewo is recommended by, among others, ornithology enthusiasts. The Ptasi Raj nature reserve is located here, home to over two hundred species of birds. In addition, there is a marked tourist trail along the beach, between the pines.

Orle Beach – a favorite of caravanning fans

The last place is Orle beach. Like its predecessor, it is located on Sobieszewska Island. No one will miss it or have trouble finding it because it has a distinguishing mark. There is a tall tower on the dunes next to it. The beach itself is a relatively intimate place, which is why it is liked by those who avoid crowded, commercial places. Moreover, it attracts enthusiasts of caravanning, i.e. relaxing in the bosom of nature. Fans of camping or sleeping in a tent love coming here. There are many camping sites in the area.
Although quiet, the beach offers tourists everything needed for longer (several hours) relaxation by the water. It has toilets and a catering point. Those interested can play on the volleyball court. In turn, people who prefer long walks can stroll along the shore or go on a trip to the Mewia Łacha or Świbna reserves. Just head towards the mouth of the Vistula River and your feet will take you to the right place. The reserve is home to free-living seals, which can be observed from a safe distance for both parties.
As you can see, Gdańsk’s beaches have something to attract vacationers. These are beautiful areas, well prepared for the needs of tourists. They can be visited not only in the summer, although most people spend their time there during the holidays. It is worth getting to know them during your stay in Gdańsk, whether on a longer family holiday or a short one, e.g. a weekend trip with friends.



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