Apartments in Gdansk

Goldwasser Apartments

Our house is located on banks of the Motlawa river, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views from the windows of the Goldwasser apartments. 

All rooms have private bathrooms with hair-dryer, satellite TV, radio, wireless Internet access and internal telephones. Breakfast can be ordered directly to the apartment.

Apartment „Van Gogh”

Apartment „Van Gogh” decorated in light wood and with
van Gogh’s pictures gives a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Apartment „Gdańsk”

Apartment „Gdansk” one room, stylishly furnished.
Ideal for romantics; four-poster bed and warm lighting.

Apartment „Maisonette”

Two-level „Maisonette” apartment with a homely atmosphere, equipped with a kitchenette. Spacious living room with fireplace will allow you to unwind and relax. Bedroom on the first
floor will a glimpse of the old town and the marina from the best vantage point.

Apartment „Motława”

Apartment „Motlawa” has an own terrace. It consists of a bedroom
and living room separated by a hallway and a bathroom. This allows
two people which are living in it are not get in the way themselves.

Apartment „Sunny Yellow”

Apartment „Sunny Yellow” has a large balcony. The perfect place
to enjoy the view of marina and the river in the summer. It consists
of a bedroom and a small living room, which is connected
with the balcony. The bathroom has illuminated shower-area.

Apartment „Calm Green”

Very cozy, decorated in soothing shades of green. It has a bedroom 
and a small lounge and a bathroom with illuminated shower-area.

Apartment „Country"

Room with a sloping ceiling. Gives a sense of homely atmosphere, but also a luxury. Perfect for those who appreciate peace and quietness. A quiet hideaway. Bath room with bathtub.

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