Apartments in Gdansk

Goldwasser Apartments

Our house is located on banks of the Motlawa river, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views from the windows of the Goldwasser apartments. 

All rooms have private bathrooms with hair-dryer, satellite TV, radio, wireless Internet access and internal telephones. Breakfast can be ordered directly to the apartment.

Apartment „Van Gogh”

Apartment „Van Gogh” decorated in light wood and with
van Gogh’s pictures gives a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Apartment „Gdańsk”

Apartment „Gdansk” one room, stylishly furnished.
Ideal for romantics; four-poster bed and warm lighting.

Apartment „Maisonette”

Two-level „Maisonette” apartment with a homely atmosphere, equipped with a kitchenette. Spacious living room with fireplace will allow you to unwind and relax. Bedroom on the first
floor will a glimpse of the old town and the marina from the best vantage point.

Apartment „Motława”

Apartment „Motlawa” has an own terrace. It consists of a bedroom
and living room separated by a hallway and a bathroom. This allows
two people which are living in it are not get in the way themselves.

Apartment „Sunny Yellow”

Apartment „Sunny Yellow” has a large balcony. The perfect place
to enjoy the view of marina and the river in the summer. It consists
of a bedroom and a small living room, which is connected
with the balcony. The bathroom has illuminated shower-area.

Apartment „Calm Green”

Very cozy, decorated in soothing shades of green. It has a bedroom 
and a small lounge and a bathroom with illuminated shower-area.

Apartment „Country"

Room with a sloping ceiling. Gives a sense of homely atmosphere, but also a luxury. Perfect for those who appreciate peace and quietness. A quiet hideaway. Bath room with bathtub.

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Coastal areas have been attracting crowds of tourists and investors for years. They are characterized by extensive infrastructure and many monuments. In order to spend time in such an amazing area, it is worth renting rooms in the center of Gdansk. The Goldwasser Tenement Houseis one of the most popular places to visit. It is distinguished by its attractive location – the very center of the Old Town. You can observe the beautiful architecture right from the windows of the building. There is also a train station nearby, making it easy to get there.

Luxury apartments in the heart of Gdansk

The facility is characterized by a high standard of services. We offer seven luxurious and stylishly furnished apartments. Gdansk is known for its high-quality services when it comes to hotels, but it is the Goldwasser Tenement House that is synonymous with refinement. The rooms have comfortable, spacious wardrobes, wooden tables and chairs. You can choose between rooms with one bed (for couples), as well as accommodation consisting of two separate rooms. Some of the apartments have a terrace or a balcony. Another great asset is the access to the kitchenette and a comfortable bathroom with a bath or a shower. When designing the interior, we focused on the smallest details. We ensured that the lighting is bright and conducive to relaxation. If you want to book apartments in Gdansk, this area is famous for its unique landscapes.

The “Van Gogh” apartment, furnished in a traditional style, will be perfect for art connoisseurs. The arrangement is rich in light brown elements, which makes the room warmer and even more comfortable. The walls were decorated with reproductions of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings. The “Gdansk” apartment on the other hand, is an ideal choice for those who want to spend romantic evenings together. A four-poster bed and warm lighting create an intimate atmosphere in the room.

The “Maisonette” is the largest duplex apartment with a kitchenette. A beautiful view of the Old Town and the marina from the spacious living room with a fireplace allows you to rest and relax.

If you are on a business trip however, the “Motława” apartment will be the right solution. It consists of a living room separated from the bedroom by a corridor and a bathroom. The terrace overlooks the charming panorama of the city. From the large balcony in the “Sunny Yellow” apartment you can admire the marina and the river. The “Calm Green” and “Country” apartments are the perfect choice for Guests who appreciate peace and quiet. One of them is decorated in soothing shades of green, while the other – with a sloping ceiling – makes you feel at home.

Hotel in Gdansk – best option for both companies and individuals

Our offer is addressed both to private customers as well as entrepreneurs looking for a unique location. The attention of our Guests is usually absorbed by the classic decor and the unique surroundings. The property astonishes with its amazing architecture. The customers also appreciate the professional service. If you are wondering about the apartments, Gdansk is the area where our building is located. We ensure high standards. Our staff is happy to provide practical information on attractions and cultural events. We put great emphasis on creating a cozy and homely atmosphere. Therefore, we systematically refresh the rooms, provide towels and other toiletries. At the same time, we try to maintain discretion so as not to disturb our Guests.

Aromatic dishes, tasteful interiors

Visitors enjoy spending time in the restaurant, where we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, we can deliver meals to the apartments on your request. In case you would like to find a good hotel, Gdansk is a region worth considering. Our place attracts not only with its original interior and furnishing, but also with its unique menu. We specialize in the Kashubian cuisine. We want our dishes to be prepared from fresh and organic ingredients, which is why we cooperate with reliable suppliers. We also use seasonal ingredients, such as fruit, mushrooms, vegetables. We also offer high-quality alcoholic beverages, including a regional specialty – the Goldwasser spicy liqueur.

Rooms in the center of Gdansk are undoubtedly an attractive option for travelers. Therefore, we encourage you to contact us directly in order to book one of our apartments.