Exquisite spirits – Goldwasser vodka and liqueur

Goldwasser 0,5 l bottle – 79,- zł

0,5 l Goldwasser Bottle
in a red sack – 114,- zł

Goldwasser 0,2 l bottle – 48,- zł

0,2 l Goldwasser Bottle
in a royal blue sack – 74,- zł

Goldwasser 0,1 l Bottle – 38,- zł

Goldwasser 40 ml Bottle – 24,- zł

Machandel  40ml Bottle – 24,- zł

Kurfursten 40ml  Bottle – 24,- zł

All products are available exclusively from Kamienica Goldwasser

Luxury Gift Set
Anniversary Edition

NOWOŚĆ | Goldwasser Liqueur 0,5l bottle with 23-karat golden petals + 2 glasses in an elegant wooden box – 208 zł

*The fabric from which the box insert is made may vary in color.

Goldwasser Gift Set

Goldwasser + Kurfürsten
2 bottles (0,5 l) – 149,- zł

Goldwasser Classic
0,5 l Bottle + 2 glasses – 119,- zł

All products are available exclusively from Kamienica Goldwasser

Kurfürsten 0,5 l bottle – 65,- zł

Kurfürsten 0,5 l Bottle
in a burgundy sack – 92,- zł

Machandel 0,5 l bottle – 78,- zł

6 Goldwasser glasses – 62,- zł

Gift box with pralines: Goldwasser 40ml bottle
with 6 hand made pralines – 58 zł

NEW | Gift box with 3, small bottles: Goldwasser, Machandel and Kurfursten 40ml in a box – 72 zł

All products are available exclusively from Kamienica Goldwasser

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The Goldwasser liqueur – a taste of history

Goldwasser, which means “golden water” in English, is the so-called Gdansk vodka. The recipe for this drink dates back to the 16th century, when it was first concocted by a certain Ambroży Vermoolen – a Mennonite, a religious refugee from the Netherlands, who settled in Gdansk. The Goldwasser vodka is an herb- and spice-infused, strong liqueur. What makes it different from other alcoholic beverages is not only its rich composition of spices and herbs, but also the content of gold flakes, from which its name stems from. They glitter splendidly in every bottle of the beverage, giving a truly exquisite character to the Goldwasser vodka. Although the price of this excellent alcohol has never been low, it has always been willingly purchased as a luxury good. It owes its aroma to a concoction of twenty different spices. Its taste intersperses notes of anise, cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, thyme and lavender. It is no surprise that this beverage won the hearts of a number of the most powerful, historic people, such as Catherine the Great, Peter I or Louis XIV of France. The fact that even the bard Adam Mickiewicz mentioned this beverage in “Pan Tadeusz” proves the fame of the Goldwasser liqueur.

Goldwasser – where to buy this exclusive gift

Located on the Dlugie Pobrzeze Street, the Goldwasser Tenement House is a place where you can not only taste delicious dishes in an atmosphere of climatic interiors and spend time in stylish apartments, but also purchase the Goldwasser liqueur. The store is located in a restaurant and offers souvenirs referring to the history of the city on the Motlawa River. The Gdansk vodka is available in bottles of various sizes – from 40 ml, through 0.1 and 0.2 l, up to 0.5 l. We offer liqueurs packed in elegant, tied pouches with gold-embroidered crest of the beverage, reminiscent of the atmosphere of old Gdansk. If you are interested in the Goldwasser vodka, the price of this particular drink will also pleasantly surprise you. Our offer also includes attractive gift sets packed in aesthetic cardboard boxes. What do they contain? You can choose from sets that include the Goldwasser vodka and hand-made, gourmet pralines containing gold flakes. We also offer decorative glasses for serving the Gdansk liqueur, which can be purchased together with alcohol or separately.

Goldwasser – a store with Gdansk beverages

Among the gifts you can purchase in the Goldwasser Tenement House, there are also other beverages characteristic of Gdansk – Kurfürsten and Machandel. What should encourage you to try them, is their rich history and an affordable price, just as in the case of the Goldwasser. The typical Gdansk liqueur is always distinguished by a rich herbal composition constituting its taste. It is no different with these alcoholic beverages – Machandel delights with its juniper notes while Kurfürsten captivates with its spicy hint.

If you want to try the Goldwasser liqueur yourself or purchase it as a gift, now you know where to find this delicacy. We cordially invite you all!