Our steaks are worth their weight in gold. And in the literal sense of the phrase! They are developed according to a unique recipe, one of the secrets of which is the use of… gold. A perfectly prepared beef steak sprinkled with shimmering gold flakes is a dish worthy of kings – now available at your fingertips (and plate). The Goldwasser Restaurant is located in Gdansk, but we cordially invite Guests from Gdynia, Sopot and other nearby towns.

Always fresh steaks – Sopot

All dishes offered by our Steak House Gdansk are prepared by an excellent chef each day. We only use fresh, carefully selected ingredients from trusted, local suppliers in the preparation of our famous steaks. Delicate meat, healthy vegetables and other products are delivered to us directly from the Kashubian farms.


Najlepszy stek w Gdańsku
How we prepare the best beef steaks – Gdynia

The beef is thoroughly cleaned of membranes and then the steaks are cut from the central part. Thanks to this, the meat is the most tender, yet thick, which works great on a grill. The steak retains its perfect juiciness.

Each steak is grilled differently, depending on the part of the ox it comes from, as well as the degree of doneness we want to achieve. Frying on the other hand depends on the thickness of the beef cut, breed or age of the animal, as well as the duration of beef aging and on our master chef’s discretion. Our specialty is the Black Angus steak prepared from premium beef.

The quality of the steaks served in our restaurant is so high that there is no need to “drown their taste out” with excessive seasoning – the rest of the dish is complemented by delicious sauces, flavored butters, salads and baked vegetables, and for the real gourmets – Foie gras with Armagnac. Therefore, we use solely natural spices in minimal quantities to subtly emphasize the taste of beef.

We have high-quality kitchen equipment at our disposal. This is particularly important because the steak must be cooked on a hot grill to keep it juicy. We use special pliers to reposition and overturn the fried steak, as it should not be punctured or moved with a fork that destroys the meat fibers. As a result, the juice leaks from the beef and the meat itself becomes hard and rubbery.

We cordially invite you to visit our restaurant and taste exquisite dishes along with the original liqueur in Gdansk!